Shea Nilotica


Much softer and smoother in consistency than conventional Shea-butters, Shea nilotica is a unique and precious botanical substance, a blend of natural compounds with unparalleled healing and moisturizing effects on the skin. 100% Pure & Natural. Shea nilotica is a rare natural shea butter with skin-healing properties from the Africa’s eastern regions. Unlike western shea butter which is often hard and waxy, Shea Nilotica is soft and easy to spread. Rich in vitamins A & E, this anti-aging butter is perfect around the eyes, on nails, cuticles, hair and more. is another of our many all natural products that have a number of skin care benefits when used on a regular basis.

This particular oil is great for treating rosecia, eczema and different forms of dermatitis. Plus, its therapeutic properties can be used for treating sunburn, dry and cracked skin, small wounds and the effects of aging and sun exposure. It’s the perfect moisturizer and can be used a number of times a day without the oily buildup of other products.

Shea Nilotica should definitely be a part of your skin care routine and kept on hand for its many uses. Say no to dry, scratchy or irritated skin.


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